Social Media Strategy - honesty counts...

Social Media offers incredible opportunities to engage with the online public in a way that until recently was impossible. The use of Mobile phones, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and others has also opened avenues for your customers, suppliers and employees to tell others what they really think about you. While this is new and exciting it can also be a rude shock and have real impact on your business in a big way.

Like most things in business it pays to think before you leap. A strategy for social media is a good start. The strategy in itself often becomes an energy charged process for business renewal. While it seems social media experts are growing like mushrooms it might be worth noting some enduring points. If you need guidance ask someone with a business perspective and technical passion. 

What ever you decide to build, build it on your existing principals, policies, infrastructure and investments. Be very true to your values, as the social media world is becoming increasingly transparent and honesty counts.

Feel free to contact us for assistance and guidance, Organise Internet has successful strategies for the mature minded business person looking to enhance their business fundamentals. 

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