Content Management System (CMS)

Using a content management system of CMS to manage you organisation's web information is a no brainer, yet are yesterday's CMS really keeping up with your demands?

Content management is such an amorphous term these days, as is the case with so many tech terms CMS has become an anagram with it's own life. The CMS has joined such capitalised giants like OS , SMS, FTP & PC. The CMS used to do what it stood for, 'managing content', simple, easy to understand and a great step forward from direct coding of html. The CMS used to be a small miracle too, in that it opened up the editing of online content to an army of new players to use and publish. Content expanded massively as a result, as witnessed by blogs and wikis. Content production exploded! Indeed it could be argued that today's social media systems are simply great big CMS with some pepper and spice thrown in. Revealing the publisher's long held secret that people love news and  people love an audience, even if it's their own 'virtual' audience.

These days you can sign up and grab a free CMS from a myriad of open source or commercial sources. Weird and wonderful names such as Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Liferay and Moodle have established footholds in their geography of the internet. WikiPedia, itself a BIG CMS lists dozens of CMSs. WordPress indeed has become de rigour on the web as a open source industry in it's own right. With the ever promising 'template' producers selling a million look and feels (strangely never quiet what we're looking for).

OI does host & support WordPress sites for entry level CMS requirements. It great to get things going and well suited to non critical tasks. We also service and support a series of specialist CMS. Though as we've discovered over the years a CMS is only a starting point to an online strategy it's not an end point! We recognised this for years and have been developing our own highly secure, fast and flexible CMS platform for 6 years, filling an import place in the ICT landscape between an off the shelf CMS and a full enterprise system. It's called Syntara. 


syntara 'The Fast and Flexible CMS with Innovation Opportunities'

Syntara is one of the most efficient ways to manage your business: a feature-packed, flexible suite of online tools, designed for information management across nearly any industry.

Professionally hosted and managed, Syntara is both powerful and stable as well as being flexible enough to suit your actual businesses needs.With the cost-effective deployment of Syntara solutions modules, you get the functionality you need now, and the opportunity to integrate other solution modules as your business grows.

Cost-effective – save money by removing the traditional per-user license fees that others charge and by using only the modules you need, with the opportunity to get more when your business grows. Access is via a web browser, and is available to as many computers as you need.

Tried, tested, proven and ready

You don’t pay for the cost of research and development, you don’t get trapped into an expensive bug fix and enhancement lifecycle and most importantly the system is ready – Now!

Very flexible, very customizable

Unlike out-of-the-box solutions Syntara is very customizable to suit YOUR businesses needs, be that private cloud development of as specifically configured by one of our Syntara Integration Partners.

Consistently being improved

A team of developers and business analysts are constantly improving and developing Syntara through the latest technology research and feedback from the pool of trusted clients. What other system is improved on a weekly basis with upgrades and updates happening automatically? Features of Syntara include:

  • control: full add/ edit/ view/ delete control over all data records
  • usability: search, quick-find, backup and restore
  • integration: full import/ export capabilities, links into your existing website, can integrate into your current PC-based systems
  • website: full WYSIWYG editors, email, website and performance statistics, file upload and an image library
  • communications: integral email and SMS communications, post, scheduled communications, and complete transaction logs
  • administrative: reporting, concurrent users, multiple user permissions levels
  • calendar: with weekly and month activity views, transaction and activity logs, task and project scheduling
  • secure: firewall and IP restrictions, user passwords and definable access levels
  • invoicing: sending via email or post, scheduled and automated invoicing and payment reminders, recurring billing, and MYOB / Xero integration
  • Streaming video or video on demand integration
  • Full cross devise interoperability - tablet, phone of specialist devise.
  • Plus more… with much more to come.

Many satisfied clients

From master franchisees implementing a full communications, website, sales and collateral solution; to football clubs implementing communications and workflow solutions; from community organisations managing multiple offices and staff to mobile telephony companies running their commercial applications and billing systems, Syntara has an enviable record of success. 

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