vTeam ® - Private Managed Networks

vTeam is a powerful, fully-managed, private, social network platform that harnesses the power and engagement of social networking and delivers it as a collaborative tool to manage the cooperative-dependent aspects of our lives.

Wherever there is a group of individuals who unite for a common cause, purpose or goal, vTeam is able to extend the benefits of reality, virtually.

In short, we help you get things done quickly, easily and in an innovative and engaging 21C way - in a virtual environment that is safe, secure, managed, private and unique to vTeam.

With backgrounds in IT, education, tourism, sports management and the not-for-profit sector the vTeamTeam researched the dominant Web 2.0 applications and decided that they would provide an alternative that better reflected what they, and now tens of thousands of others, needed and wanted.

And what is that? Safe, secure, social networking with the norms of the real world extended to the virtual world.

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