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Steps to Online Innovations 

From time to time we are contacted by clients that come to us with an innovative idea that they wish to invest in. We'll treat your idea with absolute confidentiality and the respect it deserves. We're happy to say that we've helped numerous partners create sector leading applications and services that more than often win industry awards.

Step 1 : Trust to direction

After we've got to know each other we can offer advice that 50 years of collective online business knowledge can give. This involves a formalised discussion about your concept and your expectations. Should you wish to proceed we initiate a process of engagement that gives you the peace of mind and more importantly a clear direction for your innovation.  

Step 2 : Research and mapping

Once we have a clear direction and market we can collectively start researching the markets that you wish to start your innovation process. We'll look for development partners and supporters that help build your team of advocates and supporters. From here we most often start the exciting job of mapping the opportunities and pitfalls of your innovation. Now we have a direction, team members and a map.

Step 3 : Prototyping and development 

This is where are project management and technical skills pay dividends. Our team have some of the best prototyping and development tools in the country over most internet enabled platforms, from phones to big screens we can make it real quickly and effectively. From now on we're evolving the concept in a secure and protected environment. We'll be working in a fluid and fast moving environment where opportunities arise regularly. 

Step 4 : Market entry and growth

Now that we're confident and have a product or service that works well we enter the market place proper. Most of our work now is keeping the cash flowing and the customers happy, you'll probably be negotiating with investors and promotional partners so our technical team will keep the service running and supported.

Step 5 : Grow or sell 

Now your innovation is up and running with a solid business model you can either sit back a little and watch it grow or enact a trade sale or who know you may try and IPO on the stock market. 


For a confidential discussion about your innovation contact us when you're ready to start what could be the most exciting journey of your career.


If you're an investor interested in online innovation talk to us about registering your interest in becoming an eventual project partner, silent or otherwise.

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