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From the Blog

  • Journalists & wordsmiths need to learn video or perish

    2nd April 2014

    Remember when the world wide web was an amazing opportunity for businesses to connect with customers directly. The web promised to cut out the media outlets and business directories by beating a direct path to your customers' hearts, via their wallets and credit cards. Them were heady days. Of course reality was a little more complex than the promise. The web subsequently flourished with enough te ... Read more

  • Social Business - New Retail

    3rd February 2014

    Opening an online store can be a protracted nightmare. At least if the experiences of an increasing amount of novice retailers are anything to go by. Here's one example of how one woman overcame design dramas and geek speak to profit from her experience.Susan had been in retail for about a decade, founding a successful suburban store on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. She had style and friendl ... Read more

  • Australia's Gigabit Genie out of the bottle - entrepreneurs smiling

    6th January 2014

    A growing group of Aussie change makers and entrepreneurs are sick of Australia being known as a dirty big mine. They've sniffed the dusty air, rubbed a magic lantern and come up with another way. The Gigabit Genie has awakened!Last month the nation's new broadband company NBNCo quietly switched on fibre based gigabit services to their wholesale service providers reports ZDnet . 2014 cou ... Read more

  • SnapChat for Pleasure & Business

    23rd December 2013

    What are you talking about? Snap to it...For the uninitiated SnapChat is an App for your smart phone, officially described as a visual messaging app. It uses video and/or photo accompanied with text that can be sent to a select group of recipients. The best way to think about it is as a visual text message.However it is the temporary nature of the images that last only for 10 seconds that is the m ... Read more

  • Elephants and strippers love bitcoin

    9th December 2013

    The internet has always been an elephant in most board rooms. It's big, popular, sometimes ugly and very energetic. The internet elephant uses more bandwidth than all the financial sector put together. Grows faster than a gold mine and adopts radically new business forms every few years. Though one nut the internet has found hard to crack is a simple universal micro payment method. Until now. ... Read more

  • Teamwork Travel

    25th November 2013

    Travelling in a team can be a bit of lottery with the best of company at the best of times. Many of us will remember fateful school tours to a monument of some significance. Though the memories are often more aligned with the super silly antics of one or two of your fellow students.Others remember trips with groups of colleagues on business conferences in far flung towns. Chances are the dramas in ... Read more

  • Lorde: A Weather Vane for Social Media Culture

    11th November 2013

    A 16 year old New Zealander, Lorde has shot to unprecedented popularity in the global music race recently, topping the US & UK charts. She's a phenomenon that may be a much broader weather vane, signalling a wind of change in the online world. Challenging one of the founding tenements of the current pack of social media platforms; love of self. If so, teenagers like Lorde will again ... Read more

  • Data download heading skyward

    20th October 2013

    You'd think that we'd had enough of downloading data, it seems that we've just started...Freshly analysed data by OI from the Australian Bureau Of Statistics has found that in the 6 months from December 2012 to June 2013 Australia's data consumption rose  18%, making the annual data download growth rate over 30%. "This is a staggering rate of growth that everyone in business should take note ... Read more

  • Search Gravity rules revealed

    1st October 2013

    Search Gravity™When Isaac Newton founded his ideas about gravity under the apple tree little did he know that in the new cyber world the same rules would apply.While 'gravity' may seem a strange way of approaching the impact of your online assets. It's one of those concepts that makes more sense the more you work with it.OI Organise Internet's successful search methodology is focussed around the ... Read more

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