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From the Blog

  • The Internet of Things - you are such a thing

    25th March 2015

    You may have heard a little about The Internet of Things, or not. You will however start to realise that you are one of those things. And those things are many...The Internet may have been around in it's most basic form since 1969 though it was not until the launch of the World Wide Web and the wide spread use of email that use of the internet became common place. Since then a bewildering set of u ... Read more

  • Why search engines are still better than social media

    6th January 2015

    We're all familiar with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu if you read Chinese. Though Social Media seems to be so much more in vogue. Social interactions and chat are after-all naturally compelling.Though searching for things is increasingly important in the ever expanding web. Indeed the idea of searching or looking for something has become a necessary part of most modern activitie ... Read more

  • Gigabit Internet - building the future

    5th November 2014

    Gigabit Cities, Towns & Regions. Picture a youngster in the future, stooped over a laptop in the back room of a disused shop in a long forgotten country town. Coffee cups, half eaten pastries and the faint smell of last night’s alcohol fills the air. A sad dystopian image so far, but look a little closer.He’s but one of a dozen people sitting or standing around various bits of old and new ... Read more

  • Egypt to eBooks - the digital evolution

    7th October 2014

    Like a rising digital tide of change we wonder why? We all know the digital evolution of business and social life is upon us, lapping at our feet. The incredible changes are now too numerous to mention without sounding like platitudes. Though last month's announcements by Apple of their Apple watch device and platform beg the question: How did we get to this 'hyper-evolution' in the digital space? ... Read more

  • What's Google My Business ?

    14th July 2014

    Google has launched a bold strategy to get more businesses listed online. This has got to be a good thing, right. There are many out there that really need help. Apparently more the 50% of Australian businesses don't have a website. This is a problem, a problem for everyone really, not least of all the search giant and your business. If Google listings are a problem for your business now's the tim ... Read more

  • TimeSlotStudio - We're building a very special broadcast ready studio for you

    18th June 2014

    Creating video in a timely and straight forward manner is still a challenge for most organisations. There are so many considerations; lighting, audio, microphones, makeup and video formats. Not to mention all the camera work and script writing. It's no wonder many professional people find it way too hard to make a serious start.That's why some of our friends we asked us to build a studio for custo ... Read more

  • CEBIT 2014 Digital Business report

    16th May 2014

    Australia’s largest and most respected IT conference and expo CEBIT has morphed from a tech industry meet-up to a true digital business/economy event. This year’s CEBIT conference marked their transformation by moving west from Sydney’s Exhibition centre in Darling Harbour to Homebush the home of the successful 2000 Olympics. The move has re-energised the event, now in its 13th year. A revam ... Read more

  • Journalists & wordsmiths need to learn video or perish

    2nd April 2014

    Remember when the world wide web was an amazing opportunity for businesses to connect with customers directly. The web promised to cut out the media outlets and business directories by beating a direct path to your customers' hearts, via their wallets and credit cards. Them were heady days. Of course reality was a little more complex than the promise. The web subsequently flourished with enough te ... Read more

  • Social Business - New Retail

    3rd February 2014

    Opening an online store can be a protracted nightmare. At least if the experiences of an increasing amount of novice retailers are anything to go by. Here's one example of how one woman overcame design dramas and geek speak to profit from her experience.Susan had been in retail for about a decade, founding a successful suburban store on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. She had style and friendl ... Read more

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