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From the Blog

  • Quality not Quantity the key to Social Media success

    26th April 2016

    As of today I have exactly 17,309 subscribers/followers/friends/colleagues over my various social media networks. These are personal, business, and organisational accounts. Many more if we count account pages and organisations I share administration rights.So what? So what indeed!Of course this is nothing compared to a particular young person I know. He has 10s of thousands of connections, so many ... Read more

  • Make 2016 the year The Cloud works for you

    8th December 2015

    We've heard so much about Cloud Computing over the last 4 years that this weird term has quickly become a part of our vernacular. Everything digital is increasingly "in the cloud".  How can we make it work for us?Your photos are likely on Apple's photo storage site, your address book is up there too, via your phone. Gee even your relationships and private opinions are most likely archived in ... Read more

  • Build a Local broadcast TV station via YouTube & WireCast

    28th October 2015

    Live local broadcast IP TV channel.Thirty years ago I was part of trying to start a local TV station. The idea was sound, the business plan was tight and we had local advertisers ready to go. Though one thing got in the way, the licencing fee from the government was so high it locked us out of the market.In those days Australia had essentially 4 TV channels and few more regional and experimental c ... Read more

  • Is the Apple Watch the next iPhone?

    4th September 2015

    After a huge fanfare it appears that Apple's much hyped Apple Watch has gone with the wind. Google, Garmin and many others have been quick to launch or relaunch their smart watches to the world."Our fans all aspire to having one"Yet a recent visit to a city Apple store revealed an incredible interest in Apple Watch. "Our fans all aspire to having one" said one of the blue shirted Apple Geniuses. H ... Read more

  • Who’s to blame when artificial intelligence systems go wrong?

    17th August 2015

    Republished via:by Gary LeaVisiting Researcher in Artificial Intelligence Regulation at Australian National UniversityThere has been much discussion of late of the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), especially regarding robot weapons development and a related but more general discussion about AI as an existential threat to humanity.If Skynet of the Terminator movies is goi ... Read more

  • Google Maps via MyBusiness

    29th June 2015

    At our recent business event held in Gosford we heard direct from Google executives the importance they place on businesses and organisations registering for Google Maps and by extension mobile access. They advocated the streamlined process called MyBusiness.The revised process via the MyBusiness registration is incredibly simple. The new MyBusiness process overrides the previous registration that ... Read more

  • Google comes to Gosford

    21st May 2015

    We're very pleased to announce that we're bringing Google Australia to Gosford on June 22, in what we think will be a wonderful eye opener for all people involved in business on the Central Coast.Gosford, Monday, June 22, 9am – 12pm, Central Coast Leagues Club Topics covered: Adwords, YouTube, MyBusiness, Maps, Mobile, Analytics, Google Trusted Store & future developments. Expe ... Read more

  • Be Mobile Friendly or Disappear ? Not entirely

    23rd April 2015

    There's been much talk about 'Mobilgeddon' and the new Google rankings adjustment that will rank mobile friendly websites higher than sites that don't render well on mobile devices.The official Google blog in Australia points out that ranking is made up of approximately 200 factors about your website, not just the ability of mobile users to view your website well. Having said that Google will be r ... Read more

  • The Internet of Things - you are such a thing

    25th March 2015

    You may have heard a little about The Internet of Things, or not. You will however start to realise that you are one of those things. And those things are many...The Internet may have been around in it's most basic form since 1969 though it was not until the launch of the World Wide Web and the wide spread use of email that use of the internet became common place. Since then a bewildering set of u ... Read more

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